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Service and Calibration

Bioer GeneExplorer

At Labcare Service we offer service and calibration to a wide range of laboratory equipment all at affordable pricing without compromise of quality.


Our service engineers have many years of experience with a broad range of laboratory equipment  and manufacturers and have well maintained and calibrated test equipment to insure our customers

get the service that should be expected, we offer both on-site and workshop services along with service contracts, planned or one off services to suit each laboratory's individual needs.

We have experience with equipment manufacturers that include MJ-ResearchG-StormLabconco, Eppendorf, Thermo Fisher, BIO-RAD, Techne, Applied Biosystems, Heraeus, Lancer, Stuart and many more.


To insure confidence we are a ISO 9001 accredited service and repair laboratory and we are also UKAS accredited for PCR/thermal cyclers and dry block heater temperature calibrations.

How can we help?

We offer technical service & support on the following:

  • Standard Thermal Cyclers

  • Real Time Thermal Cyclers

  • Centrifuges

  • Gel Documentation Systems

  • Hybridization Ovens

  • Shakers & Rollers

  • Water Baths

  • Micro Array Scanners

  • Glassware Washers

  • Freeze Dryers

  • Magnetic Hotplates & Stirrers

  • Liquid Handling Dispensers

  • Fume Cupboards

  • Ventilated Enclosures

  • Incubators

  • Thermometers

  • Balances

  • Conductivity Meters

  • pH Meters

  • O2 Meters

  • Fridge & Freezers

We also offer 1, 2 & 3 Star* service contracts on all of the machine types above.

*Two and three star contracts only available on selected equipment.

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