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Service and Calibration

At Labcare Service we offer service and calibration to a wide range of laboratory equipment all at affordable pricing without compromise of quality.


Our service engineers have many years of experience with a broad range of laboratory equipment

and manufacturers and have well maintained and calibrated test equipment to insure our customers

get the service that should be expected, we offer both on-site and workshop services along with

service contracts, planned or one off services to suit each laboratory's individual needs.

We have experience with equipment manufacturers that include Eppendorf, Thermo Fisher, MJ-Research, BIO-RAD, Techne, Applied Biosystems, G-Storm, Labconco, Heraeus, Lancer, Stuart and many more.


To insure confidence we are a ISO 9001 accredited service and repair laboratory and we are also UKAS accredited for PCR/thermal cycler temperature calibrations.

How can we help?

We offer technical service & support on the following:

  • Standard Thermal Cyclers

  • Real Time Thermal Cyclers

  • Centrifuges

  • Gel Documentation Systems

  • Hybridization Ovens

  • Shakers & Rollers

  • Water Baths

  • Micro Array Scanners

  • Glassware Washers

  • Freeze Dryers

  • Magnetic Hotplates & Stirrers

  • Liquid Handling Dispensers

  • Fume Cupboards

  • Ventilated Enclosures

  • Incubators

  • Thermometers

  • Balances

  • Conductivity Meters

  • pH Meters

  • O2 Meters

  • Fridge & Freezers

We also offer 1, 2 & 3 Star* service contracts on all of the machine types above.

*Two and three star contracts only available on selected equipment.

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