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Labconco UK
Labconco Freeze Dryer UK

At Labcare Service we are excited to announce our partnership with Labconco, a leader in laboratory equipment manufacturing and services based in Kansas City USA.

This partnership allows us and Labconco to provide our UK clients with access to spare parts, installations, service, repair and expert knowledge to ensure uncompromised aftercare for your Labconco equipment.
We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality laboratory services and upholding Labconco's excellent reputation within the laboratory and manufacturing industry, to ensure this our engineers have undergone training (provided by Labconco's in house specialists) and have multiple years or experience with a range of Labconco equipment which includes Freeze Dryers, Glassware Washers, Evaporators and Concentrators. We have excess to all required resources and information so you can trust us to provide you with the service you need to meet your scientific goals.

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