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GeneReady biological sample preparation system

GeneReady biological sample preparation system

GeneReadyhomogenizer is an open, fast efficient high-throughput sample preparation system. It can deal with max. 24 samples per run. By using with our optimized reagents & kits, the GeneReady system can dispose various sources of samples, including soil, plant tissue, animal organs, bacteria, yeast, fungus, spore, paleontology specimen, etc. GeneReady is your best laboratory assistant for multiple research activities such as pharmaceutics, biochemistry, environmentology, geology and so on.

NanoReady micro uV-vis spectrophotometer

NanoReady micro uV-vis spectrophotometer

NanoReady is a conventional laboratory equipment, not only widely used in molecular biological experiments such as DNA, RNA and protein detection, but also used in absorbance detection for the general substance analysis. it includes three common detections, tothe nucleic acids, nucleic acid markers and proteins.The variable pathlength of NanoReady realizes both the minimum sample volume detection as low as 0.5ul, suitable for precious samples and the detection to the high concentration samples without dilution at all.Including the liquid drop, it builds in the standard cuvette detection module for more use.

FluoReady immunoflorescence detection system

FluoReady immunoflorescence detection system

FluoReady is an independently designed and manufactured instrument of LifeReal for immuno fluorescence quantitative detecting. Working with the immunofluorescence detection kit, the system is suitable for clinical POCT (point of care testing) medical test, emergency treatment, clinical laboratory, ICU/CCU, clinical department and the community health care, even though the food safety detection fields, which is an ideal device for fast detection. Through detecting the fluorescence, which can be excitation by the solid state laser, it can quantitatively detect very low concentration of immune markers.

SpinReady centrifuges

SpinReady Mini Centrifuges include a series of personal micro-centrifuges for quick spin-downs of small samples. The cute round design with the small footprint and several choices of models satisfy the laboratory users.

IncuReady multifunctional benchtop Incubator

IncuReady multifunctional benchtop Incubator

IncuReady Multifunctional Benchtop Incubator is a personal digital incubator of 22.5liters, with the optional accessories to realize multifunction, including the UV cross linking part and hybridization rotator. It has a small footprint with the light weight, low noise and the elegant appearance, which is an ideal device for personal use in the laboratory.


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Repair or replace?

From a conventional viewpoint, the decision as to whether to repair or replace an item of equipment could be viewed as a simple cost/benefit equation. At Labcare Service we recognise that other factors come in to play, not least that ‘repair’ and ‘replacement’ often relate to two separate budgets. Contact us if you would like practical, honest guidance on the implications of repair versus replacement of a machine or piece of equipment in your laboratory. We’ll be able to tell you whether a newer, better machine is about to be launched, for example, or if ‘trade-in’ values are a consideration, or whether the breakage is linked to a known design fault, and therefore more likely to reoccur. We both sell and repair equipment, so we’ve no reason to promote one solution over another. Call us on 01376 332909 for a no-obligation chat.