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Labcare Service | UK distributors of Citizen analytical balances

Micro balances

Micro balances

Range includes the Ultra Micro Balance with touch screen indicator, filter micro balances and the pipette micro balance. Featuring internal motorised calibration and auto-calibration (which responds to changes in ambient temperature), plus standard RS-232 interface / Ps2 output. Weight measures include ct, mg, g, oz, dwt, mom, GN etc.

Analytical balances

Analytical balances

Choose from semi micro balances, professional level balances, educational balances and standard level balances. Features include auto-calibration, large backlit LCD displays for easy viewing, in-built density determination for solids and liquids, and ISO-GLP/GMP compliance print-outs.

Precision balances

Precision balances

Featuring precision balances from 0.001g to 1000g, and 0.1g to 30kg. Citizen precision balances are manufactured from die-cast aluminium for long-term stability and accurate results. Choose from among seven models, each produced to the very highest standards.

Moisture balances

Moisture balances

Citizen electronic moisture balances analyse moisture from 0.1 mg to 200gm and are used extensively in hospital, scientific and school laboratories. They include a halogen heating system, five heating profiles, large memory and temperature range from 30oC to 200oC.

Citizen analytical balances

All Citizen analytical balances are the product of Mumbai-based Citizen Group, an international technology provider employing around 170 people. Citizen has been manufacturing weight measurement equipment for scientific and industrial applications for more than 25 years. It has its own research and development facilities and exports to over 30 countries.


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Repair or replace?

From a conventional viewpoint, the decision as to whether to repair or replace an item of equipment could be viewed as a simple cost/benefit equation. At Labcare Service we recognise that other factors come in to play, not least that ‘repair’ and ‘replacement’ often relate to two separate budgets. Contact us if you would like practical, honest guidance on the implications of repair versus replacement of a machine or piece of equipment in your laboratory. We’ll be able to tell you whether a newer, better machine is about to be launched, for example, or if ‘trade-in’ values are a consideration, or whether the breakage is linked to a known design fault, and therefore more likely to reoccur. We both sell and repair equipment, so we’ve no reason to promote one solution over another. Call us on 01376 332909 for a no-obligation chat.