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Capp pipettes

Capp Pipettes are used in more than 80 countries around the globe. A Danish company, founded on the back of the world’s first fully-autoclavable pipette, today Capp boasts more than 20 product categories and pipette accessories, including the first 64-channel pipette.

Citizen analytical balances

Based in New Jersey USA, Citizen Group is an ambitious manufacturer of balances and scales with a fast-growing reputation within the international scientific and fine jewellery communities. Its product range includes micro, analytical, precision and moisture balances and accessories.

Kyratec thermal cyclers

Kyratec is an innovative, Australian biotechnology company which was created with the intent of bringing the next generation of user friendly and reliable products to the market. Their focus is to develop, manufacture and supply laboratory diagnostic equipment, reagents and consumables for the international bioscience market.Their core team has decades of experience in the research, design, manufacture, marketing, distribution and support of cutting edge bioscience products. And have channeled this energy and knowledge into generating a fresh company, Kyratec.

Life Real Catalogue 2017

We now distribute GeneReady, NanoReady, FluoReady, SpinReady & IncuReady Life Real biotechnology equipment, Please contact us for more information or to request a catalogue, you can all so click the link below to download it in PDF format.                                                                                                                                                  Life Real Catalogue 2017 (Link)

Alpha Innotech FluorChem FC2 Imaging System

The Alpha Innotech FluorChem FC2 Imaging System is a scientific grade imaging system at an entry level price with a wide dynamic range for chemiluminescent and fluorescent imaging. This system features: 1.92 megapixel camera, fast optics for rapid imaging, and housed in a flexible MultiImage II FC cabinet with an adjustable shelf for imaging chemiluminescent blots.

MJ-Research Microseal 96 skirted V-bottom polypropylene microplate

Microseal™ 96-well skirted microplates combine the high performance of thin-wall construction with the handling convenience of a full-hight skirt, These V-bottom thermal cycling microplates feature several improvements over polycarbonate skirted microplates and are especially designed for compatibility with robotic systems, tight sealing for oil-free cycling may be accomplished with a variesty of systems

Aplegen Imaging Systems

We now sell and distribute Aplegen Omega Fluor, Flour plus, Lum C, Lum G & Lum W imaging systems, Please contact us for more information or click the link below and browse through our PDF library.                                                                                                                               Aplegen Imaging Systems (Link)

Precision, performance and value

When it comes to the scientific equipment market, the combined experience of our management team and employees spans many decades. We’re therefore well placed to identify laboratory equipment manufacturers around the world whose offering combines superior quality with exceptional value for money. The manufacturers featured here have all been hand-picked by Labcare Service as meeting these criteria.

Labcare Service welcomes enquiries from laboratory equipment manufacturers seeking UK representation. Please call +44 1376 332909 or email


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Repair or replace?

From a conventional viewpoint, the decision as to whether to repair or replace an item of equipment could be viewed as a simple cost/benefit equation. At Labcare Service we recognise that other factors come in to play, not least that ‘repair’ and ‘replacement’ often relate to two separate budgets. Contact us if you would like practical, honest guidance on the implications of repair versus replacement of a machine or piece of equipment in your laboratory. We’ll be able to tell you whether a newer, better machine is about to be launched, for example, or if ‘trade-in’ values are a consideration, or whether the breakage is linked to a known design fault, and therefore more likely to reoccur. We both sell and repair equipment, so we’ve no reason to promote one solution over another. Call us on 01376 332909 for a no-obligation chat.