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Labcare Service’s mission

To partner with manufacturers to bring to market the best value scientific and laboratory equipment available, without compromise to its accuracy or performance.

To set the benchmark standard in our sector for quality repairs, prompt response, honest advice and superior after-sales service.

To manage our business competently and efficiently, and to treat our customers, staff and suppliers with integrity – in the belief that from that alone, profit will follow.

To play our part in making the world a better place, through our role in supplying and maintaining the equipment so vital to mankind’s quest for better answers.

Aplegen Imaging Systems

We now sell and distribute Aplegen Omega Fluor, Flour plus, Lum C, Lum G & Lum W imaging systems, Please contact us for more information or click the link below and browse through our PDF library.

Aplegen imaging systems link

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Life Real Catalogue 2017

We now distribute GeneReady, NanoReady, FluoReady, SpinReady & IncuReady Life Real biotechnology equipment, Please contact us for more information or to request a catalogue, you can all so click the link below to download it in PDF format.

Life Real Catalogue 2017

HeroLab Red & Blue Line Centrifuges

We have a large range of HeroLabs new red and blue high speed centrifuges on offer, please contact us for more information, or follow the link below to our PDF library where the catalogues are.

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Laboratory equipment sales

When it comes to the scientific equipment market, the combined experience of our management team and employees spans many decades. We are therefore well placed to identify laboratory equipment manufacturers around the world whose offering combines superior quality with exceptional value for money.

Find out more about the manufacturers and products hand-picked by Labcare Service as meeting these criteria.

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Labcare Services

Labcare Service sells, repairs and maintains scientific and laboratory equipment. Perfectly positioned within the Oxford-Cambridge-London biotechnology and life sciences ‘golden triangle’, Labcare services clients across the UK and Northern Europe, and works with manufacturing partners around the world.

Labcare is structured to place the customer first. We employ only well-trained and experienced technicians, service both on-site and at our own workshops, and carry a comprehensive stock of new and refurbished parts. We also offer free telephone technical support without tying it to lengthy service contracts. In short, we provide a first-class service and excellent value for money.

Our product ranges include balancescentrifuges, pipettesthermal cyclers, ovens and incubators, thermoshakers, aspirators and shaking platforms. Click on the links or call us to find out more.


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Repair or replace?

From a conventional viewpoint, the decision as to whether to repair or replace an item of equipment could be viewed as a simple cost/benefit equation. At Labcare Service we recognise that other factors come in to play, not least that ‘repair’ and ‘replacement’ often relate to two separate budgets. Contact us if you would like practical, honest guidance on the implications of repair versus replacement of a machine or piece of equipment in your laboratory. We’ll be able to tell you whether a newer, better machine is about to be launched, for example, or if ‘trade-in’ values are a consideration, or whether the breakage is linked to a known design fault, and therefore more likely to reoccur. We both sell and repair equipment, so we’ve no reason to promote one solution over another. Call us on 01376 332909 for a no-obligation chat.